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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Samsung Galaxy SPICA Headset review:

I had already posted couple of details about the hands free that was part of the Galaxy SPICA. But I had recently dedicated some time for it and I was amazed by the results. So I felt compelling to post my experience here. Yes, I know I am taking too much space for SPICA here but it’s really unfair if the right picture is not presented.The pics posted here are taken using the Galaxy SPICA i5700.


The hands free has a very sleek finish. The wires are rubberized and are long enough to reach from the ears to your pockets. The hands free is an in-ear type to give you good noise isolation.

It also has a small button and a mic on the left in-earphone. The button can be used to lift/cut calls and can be used play/pause while playing songs/videos.

Now, to check the performance of these in-ear earphones in different frequencies I have a small collection of tracks. But as an end user, I felt it would be more understandable if I could use some tracks that are widely known. So I have picked these tracks to check the three different frequency levels.

Highs: Munbe Vaa (Artist: AR Rahman, Film/Album: Sillunu Oru Kaadhal)
Mids: Billie Jean (Artist: Michael Jackson, Film/Album: Thriller)
Lows: Dilse Se Re (Artist: AR Rahman, Film/Album: Dil Se)
Overall reproduction: Dangerous and The Earth Song (Artist: Michael Jackson, Film/Album: Dangerous, The History).

First I played Munbe vaa, the highs were very crisp. It reproduced all the smallest of sounds that formed the track (I guess you know how much importance these artists give for the smallest of sounds in their songs).And the earphone manages to flawlessly reproduce those sounds. If you are the kind of listener who likes the orchestration of Illayaraja then you would enjoy listening to music in this ear phone. However, as said earlier the high frequency cracks up at the peak volume i.e. it brings some kind of noise @ the peak volumes. However playing @ 2-3 volume levels down, it’s real smooth.

Now to check the Mids I played Billie Jean. Here too SPICA played flawlessly. It was a joy listening to this track in this earphone. So no complaints here.

Finally I played Dil Se to check how it performs at the low level frequencies. I was in awe with this earphone. The performance was real good. It was able to take up the low frequencies pretty nicely. The bass was not jarring at all and didn’t crack up. However the bass was not deep enough but expecting such performance from a hands free is not fair.

And listening to Dangerous and the Earth song was a great pleasure. Overall the headset performed really well on all these tracks.


The first time I wrote the review, as said it wasn’t really up to the mark. It was real flat. The culprit here was the ear buds of the in-ear earphones. The size of the ear buds was a bit large and it didn’t fit my ears.As a result i had experienced just a flat response from the earphones.

I was a little skeptic about this and when I took time to play with the ear buds and when it was made to fit in right, I was in for a big surprise. The in-ear earphones gave me good noise isolation and very good performance. The performance was very close to the Creative in-ear earphones and the one from the Sony-Ericcsons. Overall the performance of the in-ear earphones was very satisfying in playing across the frequencies.
+Good Noise isolation.
+Good Play back across different frequencies.

-Cracks up @ high volume.
-The ear buds are pretty large which will not fit into every ones ear. Could have provided ear buds of @ least 3 different sizes.


-- xavier -- said...

any idea when the firm ware update is coming

Tech-Enrepot said...

Mr. Xavier,

If you are living in India then the updates have already started to roll out, though i havent updated my spica yet!!! As far as i know the updates are available @ chennai,Mumbai and pune(confirmed). And i will be updating myne @ the end of may!

Anonymous said...

hi tech

iam living in chennai thanks for your reply. I got to know they are updating the device to eclair in service centres but when i contacted samsung cust care they are saying that they are still beta testin eclair and have not released any updates to service centres!


Tech-Enrepot said...

Dear Xavier,

I heard galaxy spica is updated in the samsung service centre next to anna nagar k 4 police station!

Do try there! You cannot trust these customer cares as they dont even know whats happening around the updates of Android. All they know is bluetooh updates and such...
Do let me know once you get your update.
Hope this helps!!!!

Tech-Enrepot said...

Here is the address:
Hi Tech Solutions
M-9B, New No.83, Anna Nagar, East, Opp:K4 Police Stn, Chennai - 600102
044- 26215353

Hope this helps.