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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Its All About Me

This is a story about me. Through the difficult times to the current stature where I am. I do not want to bore you all with how I was shaped from my childhood; instead I’ll take you right into my professional life where things were totally different than I expected. I will call my boss as my master throughout; there is a reason behind that. 

                        It all started during the month of November. My master keeps telling me that I am one of the best of the bunch and that he had known about me from a lot of sources. I was glad. But there were many other hardships waiting for me. First off, the quality that my master referred me to was challenged. I was totally made numb. My master backed me all time through but there was a time where I failed to deliver. Who in this universe is a perfect thing? Nothing! Unfortunately chains of failure lead to a state of disbelief for my master. I never cared for anybody’s comment but for my master. He was the one who backed me all time through. But he too was slowly dragged to others perspective of my abilities.  

                         And at an extreme stage my master lost confidence in me. I couldn’t exhibit my talents to him and he never cared to extract the stuff I had. Success comes not only by one’s hard work but also by the well wishers who show you the path, teach you the right lessons, show you your unknown & underestimated talents, take you through your rough part and patch you up. And none of this was happening with me. My master was reluctant until that dream project came by. 

                         It was a pleasant morning, I was asked to come to a museum near by. People come there to relax; Kids, Lovers, Friends , couples and you can see all kinds of people. I was wondering why I was asked to come to this place. But I thought to myself; why not open up with my master? Why not tell him that I am capable and that I was sorry for my failures? He arrived. I was about to open up when he said ”We have a very interesting project coming up. This will change the way we currently work…” and he went into the details of the project. As he was summing up the project there was some kind of energy flowing through my veins. I was eager to get into the project. The project was looking like it was aimed at me. I continued to listen to the technical details. He ended like this “Past is past. Time to prove. Let the game begin.” And he left. I was happy not only because I am into a new project that exactly matches my abilities but for my master. He showed me today that he still has confidence in me. That changed the way I worked. I said to myself “Yes! Let the game begin”. 

                           It was the first review of the project, people were really shocked with the result but it didn’t end there. Lots of criticism also came by. Whenever I heard those criticisms I used to watch how my master reacted. He graciously accepted all the criticisms with a smile. I was really frightened with these criticism as I didn’t want to loose my masters faith in me. And my heartbeat increased as the review came to an end as I had the fear of facing my master. All he said to me after the meeting was “Come on lets move on! We can do it.” And then a week later another review came by. This wasn’t anything new as criticism went on a high. My master never lost faith in me we continued. And then came this review at the end of the month. The criticism went to an all time high where people pointed hands at my boss for wasting so much time and money on a resource like me. My master’s face swung to gloominess. I have never seen him like that before. The meeting ended. My master didn’t utter a word. He left.

                             My master asked me to meet him in the same place we met before. We met. There was moment of silence between each other. He asked me if I can work in xyz technology which I never knew. This was so important because this can really help us start winning. I blindly said yes. He asked me “Tell me your areas of interest…” and he continued. He started to dig into my technically strong areas. We spent nearly an hour talking technology and this was my right time and I utilized it. I gave him lots of ideas and how we can do things different. I was so happy because my master was taking time to know what I am capable of. 

                            Couple of months passed by and I was sure that I had performed well than what I used to do. The rapport between me and my master was getting better and better. Two reviews had to be postponed due to technical reasons and meanwhile we had a chance to exhibit our project ideas in a conference. The idea again was from my master. We went ahead, presented the paper and the response was warm. The people at the conference chose top 3 papers and confer them with awards. We were happy with the response and we never bothered about the top 3 papers. 

                           Time for review, and this time the review was very positive. Our technical strategy had worked well. Reviewers were happy with the results but yet again, you know they are reviewers so they gave us with some suggestions. I had a big sigh of relief, happiness was written all over my face. Things are getting better. As we came out of the review meeting, the news came. Our project has been conferred as one of the top 3 best projects. I fainted. 

                             From that point on there was no looking back as the reviewers started having faith on us and things started to become so smooth. 

Want to know what’s my profession? Want to know which project won me an award? And what’s that dream project?

                             Here it is: 

                                            My profession is photography. “The bliss of heaven” which is part of project Love check won me an award in streets photography challenge. 

                                           The dream project is CC Wallpapers and that lead to more successful projects. Few worth mentioning are Love Check, Braces, Adorned Places, HDR Photography… and then a dedicated Facebook page to exhibit my talents :) 

Remolon is my master.I am a digital camera. I am Samsung WB650 :) 

Never Give Up!  

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