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Friday, April 16, 2010


The evolution of the Internet had made life so easy. Everything is there. Rite from news to latest technology everything is there. It is because of the contribution of millions of people that make this happen. So I decided to give some of my contribution.

I am a technology enthusiast; my interests are always towards latest technologies and cool gadgets. So when I decide something to buy, I look in the Internet for those gadgets to know if it meets my requirement or if it’s worth buying. In short I look for some reviews.

So now I decided my self to put in some reviews of some of the gadgets that I have used so that it helps many people like me, searching for reviews. So first up is the Smart Phone Galaxy Spica.

So, for you to have an idea of what you can get from Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 here is list of pros and cons.

1) 3.2" Capacitive touch screen (Touch is very sensitive, very impressive)
2) 800 Mhz processor and DIVX playback. The playback is real smooth.
3) Google applications like gmail, orkut and also face book & My Space etc plus the Android Market with tonnes of applications.
4) Samsung has announced an update to 2.1.
5) Using GPS was a pleasure on this phone.

1) Has Android 1.5 and doesn’t have blue tooth file transfer.
Blue tooth can be used only for headset.
2) Android 1.5 supports only 65k colors but the hardware is capable of 16M.
3) Samsung PC suite can be used only for updating the phone which means you cannot sync your phone with PC.
4) The camera doesn’t have a flash and its just point and shoot. Nothing more, no modes, no options but has auto focus.

A more detailed review on Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 will follow.

*Note: All the pictures in this blog are taken using the google image search!!!


remolon said...

Good Job mate!
All the best!!!!
Waiting for the review!!!!

Free As In Freedom - Not Like Free Beer said...

reviews about Digicam, Laptop, Sharewares etc... will be great!

Where are the rss feeds?

Tech-Enrepot said...

@ Free As In Freedom - Not Like Free Beer

This is just the begining. I hope to add more on all the gadgets in future.You are always welcome to write on any technologies/gadgets. Do let me know if you would like any of your review to be published.

I have added the rss feeds as u requested :)

Thank you for the visit. I request your continual support to make this initiative a success.